Tacuma No Matta Detangler 16oz

Tacuma No Matta Detangler 16oz

Tacuma No Matta makes dematting and detangling easier on both you and your pet.

Mats and tangles have your dog or cat uncomfortable? It’s No Matta with LCM's Tacuma! LCM is home to the original Tacuma No Matta leave in detangler. 

Spray on tangled or matted area and rub in. Gently comb those tangles and mats away while helping to soothe your pets skin with Tacuma No Matta. 

Blend: A true comfort scent with notes of white tea, apricot kernels, nutmeg and ginger combine into an unexpected and delightful blend.

This wonderful Detangler and fluffer, can be used before and after bath on cats, dogs and humans. No silicone or petroleum chemicals are in our products. 



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