Why Coughing is No Joke

Tis the season for coughs and cold for everybody and your favorite pooch is no exception. Kennel cough abounds and its no laughing matter.

It spreads rapidly from dog to dog and lingers in everything. It is nearly impossible to get out of fabrics- toys, bedding and clothes. We do have special cleaners that keep the many viral and bacterial buggies away. However this is Doggie Virus season and as we all know Viruses are the most difficult to get rid of. So if your dog is coughing or has a runny nose, please keep them at home warm and snugly. Like a kid with a cold, we don't want to spread those germs. So keep them at home, or call your vet.

There is a Vaccine that will help keep this at bay, but it needs to be a yearly thing to make sure that every precaution is taken.

Before you take your furry friend to a dog Park, Grooming, or Day Care a Bortatella vaccine is a must.

This is why we ask for Vet Records, its a Priority to ensure the health of all our Clients, Groomers, and General Puplick.

So keep those germs at bay and have a great day!



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