Who We Are....

Since begining this blog about our everyday adventures, we've seen (and heard) from a bunch of people, new and old faces coming around after hearing what the day might bring. And We (as a Team) have realized something. We never really explained who we are.

So here it goes....

We are a Team (and family) of a bunch of animal lovers who just want to see happy faces and furever homes. Who want to see animals find their people and people find their purpose.

We are the people who will snuggle a dog who only knows fear and kiss a scaly nose. Who will swallow their fear to wrangle a bird and swallow the tears when they find their new forever in the arms of their person, even after sharing their space for sometimes months at a time to get them to that person.

We are that place where retail and rescue reside together, each helping the other. When an adopter buys their new family member things from the store- be it new food, a cushy bed or some toys for fun, it all goes back to the rescue. It means we can keep being a We, and bringing you along for the ride.

We are that crazy little boutique that you can find things that you trust, and that make you smile. The silly toys and funky foods and unique presents for the people in your lives. Where you can always find a listener, a good cup of coffee and a few animals to soothe the day away (Oreo is really good at cuddling!)

We are Groomers, and Rescue Mama's and Retail managers and so much more.

LCM means Love, Compassion and Mindfulness and that is what we strive for. That is what we are.

A place where Love meets Compassion.

A Place where things are done with Mindfulness, for the animals and for ourselves.

We are who we are

Make today an amazing one and do something with some LCM today!



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