What it Means to be Dean.

What it Means to be Dean.

Two years ago a carefree and mischievous puggle came in Mountain Haven. With big brown soulful eyes, he won me over. We had gotten in four puggles at once. All were adopted except for Dean. We couldn’t figure out why. He was handsome, fun-loving and now somewhat lonely having witnessed all the others find their way into loving homes.

There are many sad truths in Rescue. Some people “get it” and see the animal for the loving soul he/she is and others come forward with comments like those directed at Dean. “He isn’t pug enough”, “He looks more like...well the beagle part of puggle, you know?” No, I don’t know...my mind tells me to say something, my heart says “leave it and move on, the right person will come along”.

As with any pups that don’t immediately adopt out, we integrated Dean with our dogs. No dog should be left alone. He loved being part of the pack, but boy oh boy Dean is a bundle of energy. He loved running in the yard, investigating the fence line for good places to dig. And he loved being the center of attention, which upset my pack a bit. So how can I explain how Dean was in his puppydom? If you ever saw the movie or read the book Marley and Me, that is Dean. Dean is pure of heart and jolly, and quite frankly he has never met a piece of wooden moulding he hasn’t liked or a tablecloth he could resist yanking off the table even if there were things on that table. Still we love the crazy guy.

Dean went on sleep overs with folks who thought they might be interested, only to be returned the next day, bewildered as to where his new friend went and why he was left behind. The overall sentiment from our friendly veterinarians was that he was just misunderstood and needed guidance and training. Add to that someone with the patience and sense of humor to take him on. Then one day a lovely woman walked into the rescue, fell in love and Dean went home. Two weeks went by, and I was wondering how things were going and I was missing Dean too. Then they came for a visit, everything was going well. My heart was happy. Then came a call. Dean loved his new person, loved his new routine of running up stairs to sleep with her. Loved that routine with such exuberance that he accidentally knocked the woman down the stairs. With a broken rib, bruising and tears, Dean’s new person returned him.

What do we do now? Well we had him with us at the shop, the animal hospital next door featured him as an adoptable pet of the month. Still lots of lookers and visitors for Dean, but no one took him on. We took him to fundraisers and everyone fell in love with his beautiful face and good nature. Ok so we figured he will be an ambassador for Mountain Haven, but he still needs a place to call home. That’s when Carrie chimed in that she would take him home, see how it went and work with him. Long story short, he worked her over pretty well and she fell in love. Dean is a Mountain Haven dog and lives with Carrie and her pack. Still mischievous and mildly amusing and never short on energy even after learning about feline boundaries. Until a few days ago.

Splotches that look like bruises, and then this morning a call from Carrie that Dean just wan’t Dean. Wind out of his sails, not too much interest in food beyond treat offering, and blood in his urine. Off to the animal hospital he went and after a few tests, it was recommended that he go to the specialist ASAP. Is it hemophilia? an auto immune issue? only a battery of tests and a stay as a guest at Guardian Veterinary Specialists can hopefully provide some answers. And hopefully the answer will be something that can be handled. We honestly don’t know anything at this point except for one distinct thing....our hearts are breaking this evening, for this little dog with a huge personality.

Dean is still at Guardian with the vet. We sit anxiously waiting for news. Yesterday he is still the same.... Can you find it in your heart to donate to his mounting bills please do so on our website www.mountainhavenanimalrescue.org. Thank you!

xoxo - Janine.

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