What a day!

Yesterday was insanity for me. T has been sick all week and it’s been rough to day the least. Some dogs arrived from Alabama. By some I mean more then we expected. We were expecting 10-12 and there were 15. Plus the mommas we already have and the 5 pups we already had. 13 birds,3 chinchillas,2 snakes and 4 lizards and a 13 stripe. Agnes and Oreo.

when things like this happen it makes me very nervous. Thankfully theres Janine. To talk me through. She is my sounding board and my wonderful friend. She unfortunately had a meeting so I was alone until Tara arrived.

oh and two adorable kittens. I almost forgot them. Margaret arrived to deal with folders and technical issues with our register issues.

I was up to my ankles in poop and had 15 excited pups to . were so excited to be off transport and needed to run. They chewed up my pants, the mop and broom as I was attempting to clean and get them fed.

Carrie also appeared out of no where and I was grateful. So grateful! We did manage to get them tired out and fed and clean.

sweet Anby shows up just as we run out of papertowels and Lysol. So she ran to the store. Returned and helped. 3 grooming appointments also. I called another resxue to see if they could handle a few of the larger dogs and they also arrived in an hour.

Rescues, volunteers and staff just went straight to work. Whew. By the time I knew it it was 1pm. Teamwork at its finest!

Everyone just dove in and did what needed to be done. It was nothing but wonderful.

we have a ton of stuff going on. An off-site event Saturday. Another onsite Sunday. Dogs going home, Animals going to the vet and a snake we are still trying to hydrate enough.

One dog I knew was going home and it was love at first site. The dog approached the guy and claimed him as his own. A person who needs that dog for many reasons.

Happy messages from adopters and new experiences for the mommas. Like wearing a leash and eating from a bowl and walking and running.

Agnes has decided cucumber is a new fave. The snake is becoming sweet and hydrated and full of food and energy.

my pants went into the garbage when I got home. The shredded part became large holes and I looked and felt as if I had been at boot camp. My body agrees. I had a great dinner from the hubby and literally fell asleep. With my sweet April

and Fawn in bed with me.

It is 4 am now and i have made food for the critters and salad for Agnes. Today I am rested and more prepared. I am praying T feels better and comes back soon.

Mountain Haven and LCM are a marriage that does work. Yesterday we definitely proved that. I ordered food already, paid my bills barely. But we somehow manage.

Today we hit the pavement running again but first I plan on some coffee and cuddles with my babies before I head out. Magical snuggles with animals are in my plans. I hope some are in yours.

make today amazing!


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