Vilula is one lucky lady

Remember the scared Momma who came to us. so beautiful and shy. With her seven little ones.

I can not believe how time flies.

Her beautiful children have grown so fast and are big little pups now. Who eat on their own and run around barking and playing. Who have had their vaccines and are getting microchips today to begin their new lives.

Momma is amazing and has come so far. Once the babies weened and were no longer needing her we decided it was best for her to go home. Her new Mom came in and we took her to her car. In her basket that she had claimed as her bed. We wanted her to learn to be a family pet and not a street dog.

They got her home and she did an alligator roll out of the car and off to the woods she went. Her new family called so upset. But she was staying so close we could literally touch her and feed her. But not catch her. Our amazing team jumped into cars and ran out there with nets and cheese (her favorite)

We brought the pups thinking she would come for them, but no. She was testing everyone. She found out about love fast, late into the night her new family slept outside waiting with a barbecue made for a large gathering. For 3 days she stayed in her yard but finally made her way into the garage. Then into the house while her patient new family waited on her hand and paw.

She finally decided it was better to be inside. Whew, talk about eggshells and fear!! But she did it! She chose love! We could not have asked for more from her adopted family!

Then another surprise, a young girl and doctors of ice nearby, did an in house fundraiser to help with her treatment. Momma is heartworm positive.A long treatment that costs a lot. They raised the money for her treatment.

So blessed! She does not even know. Last week she began the road to recovery. We are praying it goes well and that she needs, surrounded by her new family and showered in love. We are grateful for everyone who has helped. Our team, her new family and the lovely group who is helping with her treatment. She will be spayed once her treatment is done. Dr. Cody says she is healthy and expects her to do very well.

Yesterday her Mom sent me the most amazing message. Vulula has decided the family bed is a much better place to sleep. She is learning to wear a leash and harness and that staying home is a wonderful place to be.

It goes to show that love and compassion go a long way.

Make today loving!



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