It seems crazy to say Together ,while we are apart. But the truth is together we can feed all the animals. Together we can rescue all those displaced animals. Together we can share our feelings and support one another in so many ways. Together we will get through this!

While we all need support in so many ways during this time. we see the heroes, the vet next door is coming outside to take animals in one at a time! Together we are preparing bags of pet food for those in need. Together we can do everything, we can grieve all those lost, all the animals that have lost their person, we can support the nurses and doctors dealing with this emotional rollercoaster, we can cheer on all the grocery store and pharmacy workers. The pet store people, the rescuers.

Werther you are quarantined alone or with your pets or family, we can be cheerleaders for one another on the phone, zoom, via text. There are so many ways we can support one another. Many of you don’t know that behind the scenes there are many working to make masks for each other, we are making sanitize, your purchase of it helps animals in need. (You can purchase it here on our store) you can call family, chosen or by birth. You can foster an animal, but that extra bag of food and leave it at the door of a rescue or a neighbor you know is struggling. Food for a person, paper towels, cleaner. There are so many ways.

We are doing it. Let’s keep doing that!!

Today show support in some way. I am going to love some animals that need and text my family sending virtual hugs to them.

How are you supporting your neighbor?


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