The last Monday of 2019

For as long as I can remember, New Years has always been kind of a melancholy time. Many think of it as a reset button of sorts, but in my world it is mostly just a reminder to change the date on that first check written and to realize that this is most likely the year to give up the fight and join AARP. Nah…I will wait, at least until they offer some better free gift upon enrollment.

Truth is, I am not ready to throw in the towel, on anything. Despite a year of loss, heartache, anger and tears, I am too curious about what lies ahead and I want to have the energy to deal with things head on. I am tired though. Tired of the gloom and doom feeling, tired of the challenges and uncertainties that cause me to lose sleep and tired of looking in the rearview.

There is too much to do, too much to hope for and too many lives to help make better.

So what’s my resolution you may ask? Is it to lose the extra fluff I am carrying around these days, or to solidify my career at a time when no one is looking my way, or perhaps to exercise and eat better?


My resolution is this; to live better.

So what does this mean? What does this look like?

Well for me it is laundry list of sorts that reads like this:

· Cherish those I love.

· Savor all the moments in life, the good and the not so good.

· Let folks know how much they mean to me.

· Keep dreaming and visualizing.

· Keep building the legacy of Mountain Haven Animal Rescue.

· Do at least one thing on that “Someday” list.

· Keep my sense of humor.

· Always be grateful, take nothing and no one for granted.

· Be kind, unless adversarial is needed, in which case; be fierce!

· Keep learning.

· Keep doing.

· Breathe.

· Step away from the peanut butter M & M’s. (Hey some resolutions are meant to be broken)

Happy New Year!

xoxo - Janine

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