The Cold Hard Truth

Rescuers never feel as if they Cannot do something. Take an extra animal “meh, what’s one more?” Deliver for the food pantry. “We will get it done” Take on a pregnant momma who decided to have her babies before she gets here. (Truth is I think our friend told her we were crazy, so she should do it now.) Although we have decided to call her Viola and so far today she has 6 babies. 🤪 but I am betting she has one more! Literally. But as a rule we always take on more then we should. It’s true

Yesterday we decided to deliver for the pantry to some folks who don’t have cars. All I can say is this old Chica cannot deliver 35lbs of litter any more! So for now people will need to find a ride. Our crunchy selves are going to feel what we don’t already by morning. But we did have some girl time. That was the best part.

All in all it was a great weekend though. Maybel got a home. 2 other pups got adopted. 2 parrots got amazing homes. Stinky is still here. Although his meds are working and he is less stinky every day. Stinky is happier every day. He plays with toys and we have not caught him in the act but believe he may be shoplifting because his toy pile is growing and I have found several shredded price tags. (Fawn May be helping him...)

So here is the cold hard truth, We can not deliver! We need to learn to take breaks and take care of ourselves sometimes. We cannot always take every animal in despite the fact that we really want to save them all. And Janine and I need to have more time together! Because we always laugh and find adventure and see the good in everything we can do. However we need to learn our limitations because my aching back is going to to last a few days.

My Aunt is not on a ventilator so that’s good news.

make today Amazing!



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