We fall in love with every animal who passes through. It’s impossible not to.

I have a foster named Tansy. You all know I am a Small dog person. But every day I love her more. She was supposed to have an adopter and stay one night. It’s been 4. Needless to say they chose not to adopt her. Tonight she is meeting a family and I hope they love her.

I am getting attached. Even though she ate a REALLY nice pair of shoes. Loves to stand on my coffee table, and has done some other things that did not make me happy. But... she is so genuinely loving and loyal and thinks she is small and climbs on me. She manages to lick my face to bits even though I try to stop her. I am so hoping the people today love her because I want her to go to a wonderful home, but my heart is breaking a little. I do love her. She is one of those uber special babies.

Fingers crossed they all fall in love. But I know I will shed a tear or two when she does find that perfect home.

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