Today is January 5th. We have taken in 14 animals already. We also adopted out 8.

we have been going nonstop. I should be asleep but sleep and I don’t get along well lately.

Today was incredibly busy. We all worked out tails off. But all dogs and birds and reptiles got some love. Several went home to their new families. Cindy came by to give love and reiki to some animals who needed her . She always stops in at the perfect time.

i got some great pics of Turbo and Dozer in Florida. They are some lucky tortoises. Timing and transport just worked out well. But it was a lot of work for all involved. I am proud of us all for making it happen.

we have some rescues already in progress for the week ahead. We will of course share them as we go. But tonight I just wanted to share some reptilian cuteness.

Big thanks to the Peeps Foundation for taking these guys in and letting them have the forever they deserve.

make today amazing! ~lisa


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