Sweet Home Alabama

Several weeks ago we were called by a sweet woman who runs a shelter in Alabama. Dogs are often not spayed or nuetered down there. They are dumped all over the place.

We got a short video of a dog she was trying to catch. Surprise 🎉 one is pregnant. A small lab maybe, but a blonde young dog. After the video came a photo and a question, Can you guys take her? Me: Sure. Well let me ask Janine.

Me again- “Janine look at that poor dog in the pic I just texted you, she is pregnant, can we take her?“

Janine-(knows me so well, if there is one pregnant dog well, there will be a few more) OK sure.

Me: Doing the happy dance and starting the text chain between us to begin the process.

Taking dogs from another state for rescue is not an easy thing. There is a lot to do. The animals need to be vetted and quarantined and tested for heartworm etc. Then they need health certificates to be able to be transported legally across state lines. They must have specific vaccines and a kind hearted person to do all of this. We pay for vaccines and medical as well as gas and tolls and whatever else is needed for transport as well.

By the way, please note here is where adoption fees become so important. We are over $200 now into each animal before it even gets here most of the time.

Once they arrive, we have to start what’s medically needed here too. Two weeks of quarantine to make sure they are healthy and did not catch anything along the way. Medical visits, spay, nueter, vaccines and a lot of time. (Just food for thought) Food, bedding, meds sometimes, deworming etc.

People ask all the time if we can change the adoption fee or go lower. There is no profit in rescue, just passion and love for animals that need us.

So we start the ball rolling. And then Momma who we have decided to call Viola, decides to have her babies. The clock goes back now. The pups need to have two weeks with Mom before they are stable enough to transport with her. So Viola gives birth to 8 beautiful lab mix pups. One very small tiny runt only makes it 2 short days.

Viola and her babies are now 2 weeks in and we start arranging transportation. Needless to say Viola and the pups are 8 and now well, we have 13 dogs arriving soon. We are already planning who goes where and all of the fun stuff.

We are always excited when new lives are arriving. New adventures and most importantly New beginnings.

So here are some pics...

We will let you know when Viola and her babies have arrived.


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