Surrenders for New Years Day

Happy New Year. Apparently it will be the year of the Macaw. They vary in age and sex and there are 3 of them. Thankfully Carrie has volunteered to transport them and get them to us. They will be loved and assessed tomorrow after a good meal and warm nights sleep.

Last night I had a good nights sleep. It was much needed and a good start for the new year.

We have many hopes and dreams for the year to come. Grow our business and rescue as many as we can.

This morning little man Oreo was excited and gave me quite the greeting. He barked at the wall (he is blind) and told me a story. He said the parrots were bad! The reptiles had way too much fun because all of the bugs were gone. The birds threw food at one another and laughed as I swept and mopped. Can you imagine?

I am babysitting for one of our rescue pups. Of course Fawn and April had to teach him some bad manners. Like jumping on the furniture and barking. (Which we are told he never has done either) oopsie... But he is a pleasure to have and has been playing all day with my girls. April as usual is a bit jealous. Fawn is happy as it is someone new to torture and well, teach bad habits to. He also sat along with her while I was cooking. I hope his Dad is not too mad.

The house is cleaned and I am sitting here on the sofa considering a nap before the birds arrive. It’s not something I ever get to do so, I am going for it!

Happy New Year, lets make this one great and rescue everyone!



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