Sunday with the Ladies

We were a bit short staffed at the shop with T and Janine out, but a few of our volunteers came in to help feed and clean and love on the rescues.

Sundays are usually kind of quiet, which was fine with the recently rescued ”Ladies” who were rescued from their lives as breeders in a puppy mill. They’re settling in nicely but still learning to trust people. Some of them cannot even understand how to eat and drink from a bowl because they never have before. They do love snuggling up together on the doggie sofa though, and if you’re calm and quiet, they’ll let you snuggle in with them and give them some love.

We had visits from some of our friends - both human and canine, and some Mountain Haven alumni pups too! We always love when they come back to visit so we can watch them grow.

Monday is our “day off” from the shop but all the rescues still need to be fed and watered and cleaned and loved. There’s never really a day off in Animal Rescue.

Carly and Haley, two of our regular volunteers, are working on pulling prizes together for next Weekend’s big fundraiser. We have some absolutely beautiful bags for our Pocketbook BINGO and will have some really nice raffle baskets too!

Speaking of the fundraiser - Did you get your tickets yet?

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