Stinky got adopted!!

Every animal that crosses our path, tells us a story. Often sad ones but not always. This little fella is silly, energetic even at his age. A want to be snuggler. A fast learner. Opinionated. Silly, funny, outgoing and so many other things.

Even after losing everything, at 10 ish years old. He came to us after living through a tornado which we are told destroyed their home. Lost his family and his home. Landing on a transport vehicle for a few days which ended up with an emergency call to us.

But we don’t discriminate. Even though he smelled so bad!! Yeast is a problem many suffer with and many animals too. Floppy eared dogs and birds and so many animals and humans can have serious problems with yeast.

Well this little man had so much of it, in his ears and on his body. He was bathed and we started treating it immediately. Using the LCMpet Hot Spot Myst externally, also starting meds right away and proper bathing. We saw an immediate response. He was able to get vetted and nuetered and was given a medication protocol.

He is a lucky little man. Somewhere along the path someone had cut his hair. It was not me! He came missing chunks of fur and being cut so closely that he had road rash (for lack of a better term) But despite all of this he met someone along the way.

A woman who has adopted from us before. She saw past his smell, his inability to hear, his obsession with squeaky toys, she fell in love. Checked in on him several times and called yesterday saying she could not stop thinking of him and really wanted to adopt him.

Today now named Buddy he went home with his bed and collection of squeaky toys. His meds and his new mom. He will have a great life!

So today let’s all be like Stinky and his Mom, don’t judge, love no matter how bad it smells.

Hug, play and make new friends. Make someone smile and just have fun. Despite all the issues going on.

-Make today Amazing!



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