Spider Bites and Crazy Days

This morning I woke up to my little greyhound looking like a pitbull. She was swollen and wheezing. Tip: always keep Benadryl in your medicine cabinet.

We made it to the vets office and they were ready because I called ahead. I called our staff to let them know I was unsure of what today would bring.

Fawn was given an IV with epinephrine and dexehedrine. She is still there on the IV. We have several animals right now and rescue never stops. Not on holidays or during emergencies either. It is a way of life. The animals always need love and care no matter what is happening at home or the shop.

But thanks to our peeps, everyone was cleaned and fed and played with. We are open and things are calmer. (At least I am a little calmer)

We are a team. A stressed out one, but a team none the less. I love all the crazy animals and we have lots to be grateful for.

Hopefully some of them get new homes for the holidays. They all deserve it!

Do you have room in your heart for a new baby?

make today amazing!



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