Some much needed Janine time

Janine and I work so hard. But sometimes we get so busy we forget to spend some friend time alone. Last night we sat and had some “us” time.

It was

much needed! We laughed and cried. We talked about our concerns and where we are going and also some hard things we needed to work on. But we laughed. So hard I almost peed on myself. We are both struggling. With worry. The economy, the future. The new normal.

So many of you don’t get to meet Janine. Always working on grants and paperwork. Dealing with pups and often not here. Not by choice, someone has to do that part. But she is here, you should get to know her. She is loving and funny and just an amazing friend. To us all. Every pup and every animal knows her.

She loves the really sick ones. She does all the billing and paperwork, is the voice on the phone and processing applications. She has a heart of gold! She dances with stinky and lays down with the scared animals. Petting them and can often be found singing to them.

So I have decided that we are going to have some more Janine time. At least I am. I have missed spending time with her. If you have a bestie, partner in crime or your best other half male sure to give them time. Love and some serious laughing in such hard times.

Show them you love them!

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