Some for me, some for Agnes

If you have been to the boutique, you know Agnes. She is almost 5 feet and a 9 ish year old red iguana. She loves to roam the store. She is good with dogs and you never know you may find her climbing the shelves somewhere. She gives sweet reptilian kisses and hugs to those she loves.

Agnes came to us via a call about an iguana living in a closet for 8 years. Not handled and they would not bring her to us because they were afraid of her. Iguanas can bite and whip with their tails. So we sent Carrie and T to strong arm and rescue her. Well no strong arming was needed. She came right out and went into the carrier like a champ.

Diego says she has the softest dulap ever! ( a dulap is her beard) She enjoys laying with you and being pet. She also loves a good bath. She occasionally grabs a dog toy if it’s colorful, but we take them away of course.

She is potty trained and will use potty pads if left outside of her corner house.

She is a blessing and we adopted her out as an education animal, however she hated leaving us and demanded to return to her spoiled life at the little boutique. So home she came and home she will stay.

Agnes is a vegetarian and we have to make colorful nutritious salads for her several times a week. Anyone who knows me knows I eat healthy. So I chop up all sorts of berries and nuts for her. Now the house rule is while making veggies, some is for us, some for the birds and some for sweet Aggie.

She loves to sit at the register or in a windowsill on a sunny day. She lifts her head every morning for her pre breakfast scratches. We love having her as part of the Mountain Haven /LCM team. On chilly days she rocks the shop in her Mountain Haven Rescue hoody.

Another element of our busy days full of LCM.

Make today Amazing. ~Lisa

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