Snowstorms and Cuties Updates

We woke up to some snow. Not too much. I’ll get out shortly to start feeding and getting things done. I am sure Janine is already up and feeding as well.

The cable is out and it was a bit chilly last night so Fawn and Flora insisted on wearing pajamas.

Yesterday Janine took Bandit to Guardian to see Dr, Berg the spine surgeon. He is doing very well but has a long road ahead. He apparently also has some leg issues that may require more surgery. But he is quite the fighter. so to the Orthapedi surgeoohe will go in January.

We also have a little beagle named Ranger. Ranger has a grade 5 heart murmur and valve issue. But he acts normal and does not realize he has anything wrong. We thought he was a hospice case and placed him with a lovely hospice family. They are wonderful and with his last vet visit found he may be eligible for surgery. They have graciously offered to sponsor his surgery. So January 9th he goes in to have his heart repaired and then can hopefully get a forever home. People amaze me. Just when needed.

Cindy Brody also came in to visit all the animals and has raised enough to sponsor Victoria’s adoption to a sweet woman who fell in love with her. The love is just pouring out around us!

We cannot thank everyone enough.

Also Dawn from Dawns dog boarding has been collecting bedding and also Camp Belly Rub too! I know it seems like towels and sheets but to the animals it is comfort. It means Everything to is and them to have all of this support.

To all who get lucky enough and have a snow day have fun, for everyone who has to go to work be safe. Make today amazing!

🐾. Lisa


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