She sheddier, She Shed!

As you have heard we got some beautiful mommas in. We have gotten them before but this time things got crazy and intense. Some I cannot discuss. But I will say these girls were not just bred they were abused and so neglected.

We have a wonderful (AND I MEAN WONDERFUL) team. We work with amazing rescues also. This was a joint venture. Two rescues with passion and love took several mommas and they are learning love.

Tara and her son Diego agreed to meet and transport. Our home team got everything ready. Carly and Haley and Carrie and T and myself and Abby.

Unfortunately one last lady was beaten up a bit prior and Needed some serious watching. Diego decided he would hold her in his lap if she would allow it. Remember that breeder parents do not know how to be a dog, how to hold the bladder. But Diego decided for her safety he wanted to risk it. She settled in nicely and shook in fear for part of the ride. Once calmed a bit she posed for several selfies with her new friend. Diego also decided that having no name left them with no dignity, he asked if he could name “The Ladies” and he did. The one in his lap is Loulou, then there is Lexi, Lena, LIna and Lanie.

LuLu received immediate treatment and some were settled and checked by our team. Lexi the shihtzu was a terrible mess. She could not even see through the hair matts and most of her body shaved away in one peice. Once we got to her face we realized she has a large mass on her chin/neck. It is an abscess from a tooth infection. So she was immediately started on meds and is doing much better today. It will go down quickly with the meds and pain management. Once the meds started working and we seperated her body parts from the matting, we saw a little wag.

Lina who was thought to be a yorkie is actually a Welsh Terrier. She is shy but she is not at the same time. She wants to be our friend. But... is very unsure.

Once we got all assessed and ready for some time to decompress, we turn on some soothing music. Cindy and Emily, as always show up when most needed and in a quiet room full of love the girls got some reiki and compassion. By the time we were getting ready to let everyone rest, the girls were in a newly designed “She Shed”

Today we saw some wagging tails and curiosity and playfulness. Here are some pics of the love that happens in our tiny but mity rescue and little shop of LCM.

Make today Amazing!


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