"Seeing is Disbelieving" -Quote by JB Benn the Magic Man

In the last year, our tiny but mighty crew of volunteers has rescued 715 animals.

Without this community we couldn't have done it.

From organizing events, writing grants, donations and all of the other tasks that build up our everyday- from hoarding situations to "oops" litters we have made it work and we cant thank everybody enough.

Our Leap Day Tricky Tray last month was a great success and the donations of towels and supplies have been abundant and much needed.

Leaping Lizards!

We had so many great prizes and donations, most of which were donated from our community. Carly and Marion, Cindy and Haley took hours out of their lives to collect and arrange them and put great effort into making the Tricky Tray what it was! Lynn corralled our volunteers into a force to be reckoned with, and Diego kept the kids smiling and playing while they helped pick tickets. The Magic Man himself kept the crowd enthralled during the event, and people *still* keep coming in to tell us how much fun it was to watch.

He has been such a big help all around here at our rescue, wasting no time in picking up the mop to make all of the typical mess you get with bundles of happy puppies disappear! He charms the crowds here at the shop, as well as the animals.

Thanks go out to every hand in our pot, even if you just walked through our humble door today, you are a huge part in helping us do what we can.

Some hands are more prevalent than others, and we appreciate all that you do:

-Tara and Diego- our near constant companions here at the shop, helping clean and cuddle and educate

-Marion- our grant writer extraordinaire and a force to be reckoned with with her collecting prowess

-Carly and Haley- speaking of hands in many pots, Carly seems to do it all- between organizing our events to grooming and beyond. Haley is one of our favorite bakers, our puppy walker and our dusting queen!

-JB- The Magic Man Himself, a wonderful puppy mop wrangler and puppy cuddler professional!

-Carrie and T- Transporter, wrangler, cleaner and register. Greeting the clients and helping with adoptions, they just do it all.

-Deidre and Tim- our Sunday sweethearts, donaters and supporters

-Risa- Always here for a talk and some lunch, she sings and cuddles our puppies and tells them tales of how big and strong they will be for their adventures ahead!

-Sandra Lee- for making it known that we are her rescue of choice, her Facetimes with the animals and her donations of love and funds.

-Lynn and Ian- cleaning, organizing and helping with the scaly side of things

-Julie- for keeping us all well fed, even when the weather is against us and always donating to our events and waistbands

-Abby- dog walking princess and errand runner. She volunteers whenever we need and is always here for a puppy snuggle or two

-Cindy Brody and Emily Darrow- Reiki love and calm organization, donations and sharing the love

-Dottsy and Holly- you're batty as hell, but we love you for that. They help with a little bit of everything and are happy to spread the word

Paula the amazing- always lending a hand and having events at her amazing Pub.

And to our fellow rescues who help out so much:

-CARE of Dutchess


-Recycled Paws

-Doc Karen and the House for Dogmanity

-Camp Belly Rub

-Reenies Rabbits

They say it takes an team to move a mountain, raise a child or move a village. And boy does our team prove it, with everything they do!

Have a great day!

-The LCM team!


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