S&#t Chips are real!

Every animal comes with lots of cleaning and of course there’s poop involved. Lot's of poop! Those cute adorable animals just love to eat, play, pee and poop. When you are a rescuer you just deal with it like a mother with her baby. Mind you there are usually more than one so this morning was poop and pee x6 with no diapers involved. The mess becomes comical, the smell you become numb to and you just laugh as lysol and paper towels become your best friend. You have paw prints of brown paint all over. I bet you did not know puppies LOVE to "Paw Paint"! Puppies are the most creative artists. They paint in the most creative places not missing any nook or cranny. To admire the artwork in the best way possible it requires getting down on your knees and scraping up the dried up "S&#T Chips" with what is left of your nails. The puppies get so excited to show how talented they are so they jump all over you with their painted paws! They think the best playtime ever is shredding the paper towels as you try to clean. As you clean their happy, innocent eyes stare at you like you are the best person in their lives. Your heart melts knowing how much they love seeing you and you just know how much they are relying on you for everything in their lives. You know that you saved this precious life and they would not have been safe without you! So let it rain happy "S&#T Chips" upon me as everyday I wear crappy clothes (literally) with my perfume being Eau de pee and poop and puppy kisses facial moisturizer. It is good for my soul!



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