Rescuers need Rescue too!

I want to tell you all a little bit about us. In 2015 Janine had a dream to have Mountain Haven Become a rescue. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with the constant calls and negative people.

This week has been extremely stressful for bit Janine and I. it’s not easy. Every dime needs to be spent 2 times. Literally.

For me the week begun with my car needing a large repair/ we put countless amounts of miles transporting animals.

i ended up having to purchase a new car. Unexpected expense. Then I lost my glasses and found them being chewed to death by a pup.

so please ignore misspells. I can only partially see what I am typing.

Yesterday a potbellied pig was surrendered.

We are not a funded rescue, we survive from donations. we follow protocols strictl. we love every animal that crosses our past as our own.

last night after getting the car Janine and I Spent a few hours working on a pup who ate something that upset his belly badly. So I have been up and down all night caring for Ozzy. Sweet potatoe Patr with some extras in there to help him settle. He is doing well.

Waggles the oig does not love being in a crate. He will hopefully find a home quickly. Although he is adorable and loves snuggles and belly rubs.

Several birds are leaving in the next few days. As always Janine and I are worried about funding for the upcoming year. Working for grants and event planning for fundraisers.

we wear many hats. like a stack. well friends it’s 4;10 am and I have to get back on task. Let the feeding begin!!

stop by the boutique to meet Waggles.

Make today awesome!



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