Rescue, Rehab, Rehome , Repeat

Every day is a rollercoaster! Some need rehab, some just need love. Others need vet care. But until they are in our hands, we can not tell.

We have only a few dogs left in the rescue.

. Lucy is 10 and getting adopted! Congrats to her. Jake is adorable 4 year old sweetie, pug Jack Russel mix.

11 parrots, 2 sugar gliders and 2 ferrets.

With so many different needs it’s hard sometimes to decide where to start every morning. The birds sing and want to be first.

The lizards wait patiently for their bugs. We still have 3.

The gliders are nocturnal so get fed in the evening. The ferrets well, they are always ready to play and eat.

Walking the dogs is an event. I can handle 3 kinda.... it’s definitely a sight. But we laugh each time.

The rest of the day is helping clients and cleaning, stocking, more dog walking. Lots of snuggling and some dancing and bathing for all.

Every day Janine and I do the same things over and over. Rescue, Rehab and Repeat. I know I speak for both of us and can say.... we will continue for as long as we can.

I know we are all home and bored but make today amazing!


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