Rescue Never Sleeps

At times like this, when the rest of the world seems to slow down or even stop there are a few places that don't. Rescue is one of them.

When everyone else is at home, loving up on their four legged companions, rescuers are taking a break from their own loved ones at home and trekking in to take care of their charges.

Whether it be ( in Mountain Haven's case at least) Diapering a Beardie, making sure our little shop guy is fed and happy with his soft rock (Hope you're enjoying it Oreo) or cleaning bird cages before turning on a TV show and sending them off to bed. We are out there.

And we all do our parts. Lisa is making appointments for grooming to start back up once the world gets back to normal, while dealing with her personal health issues. Janine is wrangling her pack plus a few pups that are riding out the quarantine in her loving hands while working at home and facilitating the Food Pantry at the same time.

Carrie and I are the home team (sorry guys!), sharing the Facebook posts, taking some of the care shifts for the "kids" at the shop so Lisa can deal with things on her end and working on a less 'social media' based grooming list.

We remain thankful for our troupe of supporters, both behind the scenes and online. Their words give us a second wind and hope for a less crazy tomorrow.

The shop is still running, by appointment only. Give us a shout if you need us.

The Food Pantry is also still running, though more donations would be greatly appreciated so we can keep helping our wonderful community.

I know we are all getting ansy for an end to the crazy, but for the time being hug those four legged friends a little closer. And when its all said and done, help out the local shops, because we're taking a hit too.

Have a great day, and above all else stay SAFE



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