Rehab and Therapy

Everyone might know my son Diego, he has been volunteering the past couple of months. What you might not know is Diego has Autism. Diego has also suffered from anxiety and depression throughout his life.

Diego’s favorite thing in life are animals. He has had a passion since a young child. He will tell you animals are his life! Since I as his mom always loved them too especially dogs, I got involved with fostering and transport as therapy for my son at the age of three. Every Saturday him and I would just drive in the car with tons of dogs on transport. It was a safe and therapeutic activity he loved more than anything. He today still remembers the huge St. Bernard we had that licked his entire body in one swipe as he sat in his car seat.

Mountain Haven/LCM has been a dream come true for Diego. He LOVES volunteering and getting to be with all the animals. It brings tears to my eyes as his mother for him to have the opportunity to be part of this community. Diego aspires to get his wildlife rehabilitation license at 16 (only a year and a half away). He also knows he wants to work with animals the rest of his life!

Diego and I both have been working closely with Mountain Haven during this recent rescue of the Amish Mothers “The Ladies”. We transported them and have been constantly working with them in the ”rehabilitation process”. We have sat with them for hours on end just to get them to trust us. This has been a truly emotional but extremely rewarding experience for the both of us. We have cried streams of tears knowing and seeing the traumatic results of TERRIBLE abuse in the puppy mills BUT we have cried tears of joy knowing we saved them and seeing them start a new wonderful life! What is so beautiful is the concept that we are rehabilitating them BUT in return being a part of this is truly therapeutic for us too!

So, see these abused dogs whose lives were not of any value a week ago and could have been dead today if it were not for Mountain Haven have a purpose already. They were meant to be therapy for an Autistic child and his mom! Rehabilitation to those that need it IS therapy to those that provide it!!!!

🐶Tara and Diego


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