Quiet Saturdays

The sun is shining and the birds are singing (except when the movies end) and the dogs are taking naps in the sun puddles that are around the shop.

Its sort of peaceful, waiting between customers and cleaning the shop.

I can hear the movies that the animals are watching in the background. In between selections, you can catch drifts of music playing softly.

Its one of those fake Spring days that NY is famous for, bright and sunny and almost warm. The ones that tease you with sun warmed jackets and melting slush puddles and make you want to throw open the door and enjoy the breeze.

Except I know some mommas and pups that would enjoy that too much. So we leave the door shut and just keep working on their trust.

They are coming around, even the shy ones now are starting to initiate soft scritches. They are also starting to take offered treats more openly, rather than running off with them like they would before.

Oreo is wandering around, playing with the puppies that are here and just stretching his paws. He's had a rough week, and its nice to see him perk up again now that he's feeling a tiny bit better.

Enjoy the SUNSHINE and make today a great one!


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