What is Passion? It is surely the becoming of a person...... In passion the body and spirit seek expression.... The more extreme and the more expressed that passion is, the more unbearable does life seem without it. It reminds us that if passion dies or is denied we are partly dead and that soon, come what may, we will be wholly so. -John Boorman

Everyone clearly knows passion and it’s true without these animals, We would not be well. We love them so much. Even the beasty ones.

The angry birds, the upset dogs, the list is long. Every one of them has a heart and understands love at some point. Some just take more passion, more time and that extra love.

But the passion and compassion shines through at some point. We have been spending a lot of time helping in the community with the food pantry. That said many of you have met my personal dogs Fawn and April And Jake my little foster . They bark like maniacs when you come to the door. Is it a sweet greeting? I am not sure. I imagine many of you inderstand. We have those that are just not people But when it comes down to it, behind the bark they are sweet loving little souls.

Yesterday and tonight I am babysitting for a friend and wonderful supportive woman who is a nurse. She is tired and cannot leave her babies alone while she works 24 -48 hour shifts. When the 5 of them start barking, Oy vey. They jump into the windowsill (even though I tried blocking it with a toy basket. )

But we have found some great ways to have fun during these times. Walks, hide and seek with toys, special treats and some extra cuddle time. Dress up Is always fun.

Fawn desperate to make friends with the sugar gliders is constantly reminded to “leave it”! Janine and I are working hard to prepare for several animals coming in on Friday. Planning on places for the influx of surrenders we have already begun to receive.

We have also been shown some serious love and support. More information of that is coming Soon. Wondering how financially we would get through this was a huge stress and we have been shown some serious love. When Times are hardest sometimes we see the best in people.

There are not many rescues locally who take in exotics. Their care is more expensive for sure. But they deserve rescue just as much as every animal in need. Janine and I are committed to giving the best care to every animal in our care. To do our part during this time we are working mostly alone with these critters. But in many ways it has been great for our friendship. While difficult it reminds us of a time when it was just us. I would be lying if I did not say spending so much extra time together has not been great. She is my sister of choice, my closest friend and confidant. It has also brought us closer to another friend. A special friend, donor and lover of animals. But again, more on that will be shared soon.We are blessed. Our Landlord and the community has shown us some love and proven their belief in our mission. So to everyone we say Thank You!!

We definately miss our volunteers and friends a lot! We hope that soon we will all be together again.

For myself I can honestly say I miss my family. We are all talking a lot but I cannot wait to see their faces again soon. I miss my daughters so much and my parents have been a concern. My mom was very sick and in this time having her in the hospital was very scary. Not being able to visit was terrible. But I can happily say she is recovering well and home now.

So to all we say thank you! stay safe and healthy!!


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