Our Feathered friends

Recently we took in 11 feathered kids. Their Mom passed away from Covid 19. They have all passed through quarantine and are just sweet. They lived in a basement room. With so much unknown we went in with full hospital garb.

If anyone thinks rescuers are not on the front lines now they are wrong. But as always we put the animals first. We created a protocol with a wonderful friend and exotics vet.

We are fortunate to have people to work with. Amazing veterinarians who give us time to talk and discuss and create these protocols. We were happy to share what we learned in a zoom conference with other rescuers. Working together is key.

Several of these animals were in poor shape. Having plucked themselves and afraid. Not understanding what happened. We don’t know their names, ages or anything. When we arrived we were asked many questions. Including ones like “Birds are expensive” what is their value?

Value? I was floored! Rescues have value... they can love, be fearful, need medical care, time. Love. But value? Like a dollar amount? There is no value. their value is their ability to love. And to be loved.

Why do we look at animals as a dollar amount? These animals have no names? They have no feathers. Again... we were confused.

We took them all. Lovingly, well, as caring as we could be taking in these poor creatures who are scared. Confused. Birds are smart and they lost their mother.Who maybe cared... They were in a basement? Where they loved? Bred for money? We don’t know. But we love them. They will go to homes where they will now know love. Where “value” is not even part of the equation. Affection and concern and being taught to have fun and be part of a family.

Birds are often thought of as an expensive and valuable asset. But they have no monitary value. The value is being part of a family. Learning to play and be a part of a family is their value. These guys are funny and smart and mourning the loss of their home. Possibly their only home, possibly rescued before. We just don’t know. But a plucked bird to is still has value. The ability to learn love and understand compassion.

These guys learned fast. To watch cartoons and dance and play. Our team showed them all of these things immediately. We played and chatted in the car. We learned so much about them fast. Based on the things they tell us. One macaw told me to “shut up” repeatedly. One sang songs. Two had unviable eggs. But they loved those eggs. Biting me as we tried to see if these eggs were fertile. They make digital noises. One has a speech impediment. One calls for Fran. Was that the woman’s name? We don’t know. One curses and one screams looking for attention. One throws it’s food at you. Two ask for a pistachio “Stashio “ ” hewwo, stachio pweese.” “PWEESE!”

They are amazing creatures and have responded well the head scratching and snuggles. Dancing and playing peek a boo. Having light and bathing and eating the appropriate foods for their breeds. Their feathers may or may not come back. But all animals respond to care, understanding and love.

I guess my point is there is no monetary value to all of these animals. Their value is the ability to learn love and care and attention. just like so many animals we see coming through our doors. People ask if we can change their adoption fees and crazy questions like “what’s their value” these are not the people we are looking for as adopters or potential new homes. The ones we are looking for ask what we know about them. What their response is to affection and attention. How can I help them going forward. What can we do to show them love and help them get them past the fear they are feeling. How can we help them become part of a family. ? These are the homes we are looking for.

We spend so much time sharing love. Their value is the ability to love you back. Their adoption fees cover the time, effort, transport and all of the other things a rescue puts into them. There is a Huge value to love, compassion and mindfullness! That’s our motto! Thats our way of doing everything. That’s the value!

Are you one of those loving persons we are looking for?

Make today Amazing!



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