Only At Mountain Haven

Only at Mountain Haven (It seems) do you hear these stories.

Only here will you hear about a police report for a hamster, or two betta fish being surrendered after being a part of a kids school science project (apparently fish like rock music?)

Here is where we find the odd balls and the strange stories that keep us laughing long into the night when we are waiting for yet another transport to arrive.

Here is where we get the fun and the fresh and the world altering. Like a beagle with 9 months to live his whole life, given a new heart and now has a life ahead of him again. A 7 week old puppy abandoned by mom, now snuggling with his new dad Oreo. (Seems Oreo is as good a dad as he is a security guard!)

It is here where we embrace socialization of animals and people. Where we don’t judge, where we wish to be a place of love and compassion in our community..

it is also here where you never know what you will find. A giant tortoise or a potbelly pig. Where we laugh together and share each other’s good times and bad. Where we fight for the lives of every animal who crosses our paths and takes on cases no one else will.

Make today amazing!

~T & Lisa


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