One Lucky little piglet

Last week we received a 6 month old mini pig. Adorable yet fearful. We don’t know what happened to her before but we do know our amazing people have more then made up for it now. She has transformed from a screaming fearful animal to one who seeks out people and demands love.

Here at Mtn Haven we give Love and Compassion. We do not judge an animal on its past we push to bring out the love every animal has inside them but often does not know how to show it. We tell it like it is and work for their greater good.

When Dolly arrived we could not get her out of the crate. She was so sad and if you have eager heard a pig scream it is a terrible noise. Her skin was very dry and flaking off. Pigs actually love to be very clean. They are the 4th smartest animal and capable of acting like a dog when they have proper family. They can get very large. Like a dog they need a job and should work for their limited diet.

Dolly is running around a house now. Has a fenced in yard, I spoke with her family yesterday and she actually loved talking to me on the phone. She is happy and not afraid. She is on an organic and healthy diet and happy to work for her food that is in puzzles like dog treat dispensers. She wiggles her but and her little tail is going a mile a minute. She runs like a crazy girl going out in the morning and having the zoomies. She plays with the dog and the whole family.

Watching these animals blossom into, what they should be and lose fear and know that they deserve love and attention is what rescue is about! It’s about teaching an animal love.

She is happy and looks like she is a foster failure for our amazing family. But hey, all of us at Mtn. Haven have a few of those! I myself am guilty as well.

We are so excited to see Dolly bloom so quickly into a loving happy animal. Congrats Dolly!



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