Of Bird Yells and Dog Tails

Its another day in our neighborhood and it starts off with the birds singing their morning songs as loud as they can while the rest of the shops wakes up too.

Before we know it, the puppies and moms are making their way to the front of their kennels and start their morning songs too. Except this time it is howls and barks and wagging tails while they sit under your feet to wait for their breakfast with eager anticipation.

Next up is Oreo, awake and alert and waiting for his spot on the breakfast line. he stretches out and makes his opinion well known as he barks to be let out. He is such our little neat man, he doesn't want to make a mess in his little condo by the door. He would much rather come out and wander before picking his favorite spot for the mop to come and clean.

With the dogs and birds all fed, we make our rounds to the reptile lights and the squirrel's house. One by one the lights are all turned on and their inhabitants greeted. The Squirrel is located for the first of many times throughout the day, and his food is topped off. We are slowly trying to make friends with him, soft pets down the back and the ever present seed are our reward for his patience and trust. Hes taking it well, I think.

The sulcotta Louisa is given her salad, though we are trying to move her to a more natural diet of hay. I caught her sunning yesterday, so she is starting to make her way front and center now.

With the animals all fed we can begin the store side of things. Lights are turned on and the register opened. Floors have to be swept and the garbages have to go out. Then the day can get underway at last.

While we get things going the puppies are getting bathed today, just another step towards going home. They are all fussing over it too, wet paws and soapy pouting until they are bundled in their towel and let back to play with the others.

While they play, we can hear the faint strands of music playing over all of their sounds. Our little Google home has a good selection.

So go on, and find the MUSIC in today



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