New Years Wishes for Rescues

With New Years fast approaching, now is the time to sit back and think about the year gone by, the year looming ahead and all that we want moving forward.

As with most people, we too have new years wishes and resolutions, things we want for the coming year and things that we're thankful for from the last. 

We are thankful for how our community has grown, expanding to fill the lives of so many of our "alumni" who have brought lives full of good food and love to our furbabies. 

We are thankful for the rescues we have taken part in, and the new beginnings and furevers we have brought to those animals. 

We are thankful for the time spent with those we've lost, though it was much shorter than any of us would've liked. We know we brought them peace and dignity while they were here, and the promise of a loving hand to help them to that last forever. It stings, bittersweet until the last, but the thought that we were there to bring them comfort when they needed it most is part of what fuels us to the new year with renewed vigor. 

We cant wait to see what 2020 brings, with new families to find and new furbabies to help along to their forever, no matter where it might be. 

Every Rescues New Year Resolution remains the same- to see them all find new lives and families and love. 

This is our plan for the new year, and we cant wait to bring you along with us for the wild, crazy ride! 

Make today a great one!   




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