Morning Rush and Mayhem

Happy Friday! Every morning is a rush to get things done. But today so far went very well. Although cleaning cages and getting licked at the same time is not easy, but it makes me smile every day.

The birds have lots to say in the morning as well. Some curse at me and some just ask for peanuts while the other tells everyone to shut up. It’s quite comical. We turn on some music and just clean away and have lovely conversation.

The dogs get the zoomies and just trying to get harnesses and collars on them is a comedy show.

The reptiles don’t have much to say but Agnes does get upset if she does not get her salad before anyone else is fed. Dozer starts to run around and get hay all over the place. Turbo is a slow riser.

We have 3 pups and an older dog and some lizards and a bird that I would

love to see get adopted for the holidays. It would be amazing to see them have homes for Christmas.

Today we have several grooming appointments and we should be fairly busy. But stop in, cuddle someone and check out our holiday sales. We would love to see you!

Make today AMAZING!



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