More Momma’s

Friday we received a frantic call from another rescuer who has already rented a van and was heading to a mill. It’s hard. They call and we have limited time. The dogs are scheduled to be killed by a specific time. Friday it was midnight. 9 moms would be released if we got them by midnight.

“Can you take some? I only have room for half!” Yes of course, take as many as are offered no matter age , breed or gender.

We now start to plan, there are phone calls to make, shot’s to be given upon intake, do we have groomers to accommodate? Do we have funds to vet them? microchips in stock? Do we need prescriptions on hand for wounds, tooth infections, all the common things.

At the same time we are coordinating with other rescues and DSPCA a rescue for a large snake that has gone without care for some time? A pot bellied pig and another snake and a bird?

Do we have enough food, potty pads, cages and tanks? Sheets and bedding, paper towels, Lysol, Rescue remedy Cleaner? Grooming blades? The list is long.

We all jump into action, volunteers, transporters, vets, and hands.

Somehow the stars align. Whew we can breathe for 5 minutes. Customers who come for food at the shop help assemble crates and grab mops and wash bowls. It’s amazing! It’s scary, it’s wonderful!

Transport leaves to meet halfway and now we wait....At 2:30 am after a nap the animals begin to arrive.

One momma is great and a clearly young pup. who maybe had a litter or two but has 3 small tumors. She is an adorable bischon. This week we will have them checked.

One mom supposedly a yorkie is apparently a yorkie bischon. ( we google and find this is a breed called Yochon)

Another momma is a bischon who has recently given birth. The last mom is shave by what looks like a regular razor and has razor burn. We immediately coat her with some product to soothe her skin.

The two snakes will arrive this week and the grass keet. All are being cared for by another rescue. Including the pig.

The Mountain Haven team never ceases to amaze me! We got all settled. I luckily am tired so I pass out on an air mattress with the ladies and Oreo.

Wake up early and start again. Today is another day! So let’s make it Awesome!


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