Mom's on Board

Another day, another life to save. Or in this case, another 5 lives to save.

We were able to pull breeder moms and take them to the first part of their new lives. They will rest here while they are officially retired, given their shots and spayed so they never have to have another litter.

We have called them "The Ladies" and given them names to suit. We have Lulu, Lexi, Lena Luna and Lucy. New names to bring them to their new lives. They don't know the names yet, but they are starting to learn that hands are friendly and that food is there when they want it, and its not going to leave.

Toys, beds, snuggles and a good groom. All of these things are foreign to these mamas. But we will get them to know the softer side of life.

And now they have companionship as well, a band of sisters that are learning together. We have a big open fabric crate in their room, and they have all snuggled down in it, curled up together and watching the world around them while they settle for the night.

Make Today a great one, and don't forget to take time to SNUGGLE!


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