Magical weekends and Rescue

Time does not stop in the rescue world. We have events and during theb event we are texting to organize a rescue.

It was our first bingo bag event. Holy Hannah. It went very well! But we were confused and had many things happening at one time.

All of our happy dogs seem to be eating and doing well. Moms are getting better each day and the pups are doing well.

Janine posted a beautiful thank you to all last night. Yesterday 9 animals went home including our beautiful Agnes. A home presented itself and although we were committed to keeping her, she loves this guy and he is willing to give her her own bedroom! Take her on car rides and bring her to visit.

Both snakes, 2 semi feril kittens went to homes with experience and cuddles. 4 dogs also went home. They have been ready and waiting for quite some time.

Xena made a guest appearance and needed a groom anyway so she got her nails done and hung out with some people who love her.

My car decided it wanted some new parts. we are hoping to get that done this morning. Whew!

We are told the computers will be up and running tomorrow. Another wonderful thing. We will have to do inventory immediately after.

Oreo had a wonderful play date as did Romeo. Oreo was so excited and playing more happily every day. See blond means nothing. Just that he can do more and more each day with his happy tail wagging.

We have two teeny pups only about 6-7 weeks old. They are soaking up the love and cuddles like crazy.

we have several others still in quarantine and are expecting more soon. Oy vey is right. We are watching these animals like hawks as always. Medical and love protocol is shared throughout the rescue. Several birds will be going home this weekend. The large group from the south is getting closer and closer to having good bellies and getting ready for homes. Love and decompression is important after transport of any kind. It’s a stressful thing for all of them. Cleaning, bleach, rescue remedy, worming, meds and protocol is most important at this time. We daily disinfect every cage several times. Wearing gloves and PPE is key. It’s not just taking an animal in. Each one needs love and compassion but wearing gloves and checking feces and urine and water and food intake and output is very important.

46 animals in 27 days. We may just be crazy but we are in love with the crazies. The zoomies, the fun and sometimes the hard decisions. We are Mountain Haven and we are a team of animal lovers!

Make today Amazing!

; Lisa


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