Magic Happens

In rescue we meet some amazing people. At our little shop and adoption center we enjoy spending time with everyone.

I have learned recently there is magic everywhere. Love, Animals, making friends and becoming a part of the community.

All of this is magical. Saving a life, changing a life , making a child’s day. This weekend we were fortunate and had a sweet magician that not only cleaned up after dogs and played with animals, he did some magic for our volunteers. After helping to care for animals and snuggling moms this was a wonderful distraction for everyone and a needed one.

Bit truth be told, the most scared mommas are coming out to greet customers and the shihtzu has found that toys are fun. Chews do something other then smell yummy and they are starting to lick our hands and greet us. This is the magic. Our amazing patient loving team is doing what they do best.

The flu is going through our team and we are being very careful not to share it with one another. Today the final 4 moms go for spay surgery and the two kittens as well.

A Red Tail Boa arrived, dehydrated and skinny. She is beautiful. She got a soak in some warm calcium and vitamin bath and she ate. It has been a while since she has eaten. But she was hungry and got a small meal to be sure her digestion will Do a good job.

All the birds seem to be spoken for and are all going home soon. This is all great news.

Now we just need homes for the moms.

make your Tuesday Magical!

; lisa

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