Lizards Are a Guys Best Friend

Every day starts the same. Walk into the quiet and still shop, get some music going as i start to turn on lights. Then wake up the reptiles with some salad and fresh water. Anyone else ever feel like a Reptiles butler at 8AM?

If the day starts off slow I can go about my business with them perched on my chest. Two female beardies and an iguana who has Opinions about people.

So we leave Switch in their tank and take the girls on an adventure around the shop. They are both very good, just hanging there while I turn on everyones lights and get breakfast going.

Switch glares at me while I feed them, but they are getting better about it with every meal. Sometimes they will even let Lisa hold them!

The beardies just want their heat, so i suppose I'm at least good for that. Apollo (the 5 year old leatherback) sure loves her bugs, and gives me a little side eye for every leaf in her tank. Cant say as I blame her though, salad isn't my favorite meal either.

Our smooth girl loves her cuddles and veggies so we hang out alot in the quiet moments at the shop. She is a Sunburst, who came to us with a bad shed. We've been working hard on that with her and shes looking so good now! Lots of mist and patience and good yummy food and we'll get her there.

Every day winds down the same too. Feed everyone in the bird room, leave their music on and give the beardies the bugs they've been begging for since i walked in. Apollo always has a spring in her step after dinner and our smooth girl just wants to nap under her heat lamp.

They named her Medium, but shes so large in our hearts that we think she needs a new name. Have any good ideas?

Until the next feeding,



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