Lizards and Rainboots

Today was interesting and kinda funny. I have a foster pup who is sweet but has a shoe fetish unlike any I have ever seen before. She actually killed ALL of my shoes. Except, a pair of rainboots. Of course I have dress shoes left in the closet. But I do not go grocery shopping in them.

I had a pair of flip flops. I took them off leaving them outside the tub. The door was slightly closed, but not totally. Our plan today was going to Resturaunt Depot to get a lot of veggies for the lizards. I got out of the shower and the door was open, flips were shredded all over the place. WTH?

So the only shoes I could find were my ducky rain boots. Jean shorts and a tshirt and yep ducky rain boots. I think I rocked it!

Run to Kohl’s and nope nada zip. Nothing O want at a price I’ll pay whenI know they will likely next gone by morning. (Yes, I put them up high, close them in closets and all sorts of hiding spots) my sweet foster seems to find and get them no matter where they are. ( I may try the crisper drawer in the fridge)

Walmart has no flops in my size and was packed. I went home with nothing for my feet.

Bit lots of goodies for the birds and lizards for adoption.

T our trusty helper of all at the shop, was out shopping and found 1 pair of shoes for me. Thank goodness. What would I do without him?

So for today I am barefoot or in rainboots. Bit all the animals have food and love. That’s really all that matters.

P.S. Shopping in rainboots in 90 degree days is not advised.! Sooooo Hot. (Not in the sexy kinda way either)

  • Today be silly and have fun !


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