Lily Lambchops (Mama) and Lucy Lady gave us a scare!

Did you know they breed or inseminate a female dog at first heat? (That’s 6-8 months old ) just babies themselves. Not old enough to know any different.

Yesterday the rest of the Mommas went for spay along with two kitten we got in. Which is a whole other story for another day. Because we are not really a cat rescue. For several reasons. 1. We do not have proper accomodations for them.2. we also rescue lots of bird and exotics. 3. They are predatory to the other small animals we often do take in. 3. My aming Janine is allergic and loves to snuggle them, because they need cuddles too! Which shows how compassionate she is even while she is sneezing her beautiful brains out.

Drop off is 8-8:30 am, no later. The kittens who are only about 10 weeks old get spayed first and are hard to sex when young so the one we called Oliver is now called Olivia.

About 10 am I get a call from CARE where the procedures are being done that Lily lambchops has a terrible uterus, full of the beginnings of infection. We has seen she was not eating well and were concerned already. She makes it through surgery well and we are relieved. Go Lily!! She is such a good girl.

Then dog 2, Lola has the same issues. Holy crap. She also comes through. But I receive photos of the uteruses outside of the body and they are just gross. At 3 years old this should never be the case. Poor care an overbreeding does this to a dog.

Now Leah is next and her heart starts to have an issue and she has severe Bradycardia while I see anesthesia. Which means her heart rate goes slower and slower. The team there moves quickly and she makes it through and is spayed. Oy vey!

These poor girls!! the last dog gets on the table and all goes well. Thankfully all are spayed and medical are complete. Whew. It took longer then expected but everyone is waking up and becoming alert. From the bottoms of our hearts we are grateful and thank the Compassionate Care Vet and team!!

Tara transports home and keeps Leah for the night to watch her. (our team is so loving and this is not abnormal) if anyone of our babies need extra we go the extra mile to give supportive care. We have stayed overnight and slept with them, taken them home, whatever it takes!

We get all settled in and comfortable. whew what a long day. I am working hard on the snake Olive to get her hydrated and comfortable and to shed properly. Her owner went off to school leaving a fearful mother to care for her. But she was not told how to feed or care for her. She came in a tank way to small with no water and we were told she had not eaten in a long time. Which is clear to us considering her weight vs. Length and mass. However she is doing very well. She is soaking in her new tank with heat and light and she has eaten. she is a sweet red tailed boa who deserves a happy life with the right home. We will find that for her!

Waldo the sweet guinea pig went with transport to Renee’s Rabbits and we have no history on him. Although he does have attitude and does not like to be shorted his greens and fruit in the morning and makes quite a scene if he does not get them. He is adorable and we thank them for taking him.

Today we are expecting some sweeties from the south. It’s going to be a late night again!

The beautiful Grass Keet Jewel went to her new wonderful home last night and we know she will be so loved!

Finally our long day is winding down and sleep is on the horizon. But I end up on the phone both Janine and I regarding many more that need help. So we organize a plan to make sure we have proper housing and care for all. We got this ! We hope.

We are very fortunate to work with so many awesome rescues and vet care facilities and volunteers. We are blessed. So I have already prepared salads and and treats for the birds. Snow peas and some great berry assortments.

Let’s make today wonderful. We are Mountain Haven and today we will take it in stride with some LCM!

; lisa


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