Late night rescues and Burn Out Meltdowns

Well, it happened! I had a meltdown. Yesterday was just my breaking point. Thankfully Janine saw and sent me home. She despite all she has on her plate knew I needed to go home. On my way home the tears just poured. I was exhausted. I am dreading the holiday and hit that wall of “I can’t do much more or handle much more spot”. I am so fortunate to have my person. Janine is my person and I know I am hers. She is that friend who can tell when a hug is needed, I think I am the same for her. I don’t know how life would be without my partner in crime, my favorite friend, business partner and the founder of Mountain Haven. The next thing we need is a day together. It’s been a while and we could use a friends adventure.

Friday we got a call from another rescuer about a bad situation. It was late 4 pm. I had 5 grooms done and was about to start feeding and cleaning when we heard about a bunch of animals in a hotel room in Poughkeepsie. Supposedly they had gone several days without food water or attention. We were needed to step in and we had very little information.

Off we go leaving the Amazing Tyler to handle the shop. Once on the scene, it was disgusting. 5 puppies, a lactating mom, a male dog and 2 cats. (At least it’s was not dozens of animals.) There were pills and opened human food and some sort of blood, clearly not from the animals all over. Feces and urine were everywhere.

we have to wear gloves and plastic cover ups and booties in uncertain situations. We never know and need to take precautions. For ourselves and the other animals we serve to assure we are not bringing disease to them. But happily these animals were scared but in good shape. We could hear barking outside the hotel room door. The kind manager let us in and believe it or not we were happy to find the animals easily and they were not obviously Ill. We quickly loaded the animals into crates and flipped the beds to catch the cats. we were shown the vehicle which had... paperwork showing that these animals were in transport for another rescue. We were unable to get the medical paperwork as the car was locked and had clearly been in an accident. With flashlights and phones we were able to see where they belonged.

We got back into the car and with the animals headed home. While en route we called the other rescues to let them know we had their precious cargo. Aparently the person is in the hospital and this is why they lost contact with the driver a few days prior and had been looking for them. We brought them back and they were soooo hungry. 5 cans of food. 4 for mom and the pups and 1 for the male. The pups are about 11 weeks and ate on their own easily. They were drinking and the other rescue had transport already on the way. Around 9:30 ish at night they arrived and picked up their animals. We exchanged hugs and were all just grateful to have found them and that they are ok. (There is a video on our Facebook page)

Saturday I was tired. I am not an up late person and by the time I got home it was 11pm. For me that’s like anyone else getting home at 3am. I won’t lie I am a grumpy person the next day. But we had an event and a busy day at the shop and rescue with adoptions. But into the evening our phones kept ringing.... people inquiring about animals for adoption and some were very rude and trying my patience.

I am dreading the holidays. It will be the first one with our family without my son. You see my son passed away 7 months ago. I am still a lost mother. At home my husband and I have our nightly cry and miss him every minute. How do we do this and be ok for our girls? How do we begin a new year without him here? We will make it through but it’s already weighing on us hard.

So Janine swooped in on her beautiful red broom and took care of me. Dealt with her sick mother in law and still took the time to take care of me. I am so grateful to have her as my sister of choice. So I’ll leave off there for today and share some photos from the rescue.

Make today amazing and be kind to someone and every animal!



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