Keep those tails waggin’

It’s hard right now for all of us. Cabin fever is a terrible thing. Being cooped up in general sucks. But it has been 65 days since this virus hit us. We can make it through.

I have spoken to a few other business owners and we are all struggling. We dream of days with our little shop full again with shoppers and grooming clients alike. Although we are grooming to some degree. (And you can book an appt here on the app)

The Rescue is what is keeping us on track. There is honestly no other way. We get a little more time with each and every animal that comes through the doors. A little more time together with those we love. But how I would love to see my family and kids. It’s been so long. It feels like a year at least. We talk a bit but it’s just not the same. Zoom just does not cut it either.

How are you all holding up? There is a lot of depression going around. The need for human companions and family.

When Janine and I are doing business things or rescue stuff, I feel like we are giddy. Even with masks on and dousing ourselves with sanitizer. We have gone to the grocery store and run some errands. We just giggle like kids. We are a little crazy anyway but...

So tell us how are you passing the time?

; Lisa


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