Jojo is home

A few of the Covid Crew have finished quarantine and have homes. Jojo came in at the same time. She is a beautiful sweet naked girl. She loves Pole dancing (on the parrot play gym) and dancing and singing and anything she can eat. In her past life she was a very overweigh, stripper maybe... lol.

We kept calling her Nudy Judy. Years of plucking have left her with few feathers and they will not return. But she is a love. Always wanting scratches and cuddles.

Pluckers often take longer to be adopted because well, they don’t look like a colorful beautiful bird. To some people. To others we realize they need stability and climate control and enough love they do not resort to self harm. Much like a person with anxiety or a cutter, parrots not given the proper environment and attention self mutilate. It then becomes a habit.

Some stop suddenly, some require meds like Prozac or other meds that can be used for animals.

Nudy Judy, now Jojo was a lucky girl. The right people came in and saw the beauty in her personality and her desire to be a part of a flock. Birds are flock animals and believe you and your family are their flock. She is eating a proper diet and has toys galore and a family that loves her for who she is.

Birds are smart animals. With a brain very similar to a child between the age of 2-5 years old.

She calls for her Momma often and gets a response. A treat or toy or cuddle. Just like any other animal or person, they just want love.

We are so happy she has a wonderful new forfeather home. Congrats Jojo and her new flock!

Make today fun!


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