It Takes A Village

Sometimes it takes a village to make something work.

A helping hand to rearrange or reorganize. A watchful eye to keep you safe on the ladder.

A driver, a planner, a co pilot or snack manager (hey, its a real job keeping everybody from getting hangry.)

Sometimes its just an ear who listens or a shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough.

Or sometimes, its just the class clown that you need, someone who will lighten the mood with some impromptu karaoke or a "f#$k it, we're having pizza" attitude.

Then there are the endless and endlessly invigorating volunteers.

The s*!t chip scrapers, the laundry do-ers and the animal cuddlers. The ones who you look at and go "can you-" and they are already on it.

They sweep the floor or run to the mailbox at the hint of a suggestion.

But, even beyond all of those people (without whom we would be entirely lost, by the way) there are still people that help, some without even knowing what they are helping to do.

The ones who put together donations of all shapes and sizes.

The customers and grooming clients that keep coming, despite the crazy that sometimes meets them at the door. We know them, know their order before they walk in and have it ready with a smile. (We also know our four legged clients too. Which ones like treats and who gets their hair dyed blue)

The ones who come to the events, or tell their friends and families to come as well. After all, its hard to have an event if the floor is empty and the shelves and tables are full.

It takes a village and boy are we grateful for ours!

So go on and find your VILLAGE and make today a great one!



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