It’s been a while

To say we have been busy is an understatement. The pups have kept us on our hands and knees cleaning for weeks. They are big now and almost ready to go home to their forever homes.

I won’t lie, I have loved this experience but I may not miss them... they are wonderful little crap

machines. That are so adorable you want to cuddle and play all the time. When your not chasing them to clean up poop.

I mean how on earth can that much come out of one smallish creature? Every time they are done pooping and playing and pile on to the puppy pile of adorable I fall in love again and again. Then when they are running and pooping I am cursing them. While Fred the african grey makes farts noises and says “ GROSS” over and over. Then he tells us to “get to work”. Well as far as I can tell we have not stopped.

Stitch the sugar glider was finally adopted. He has a wonderful home. The blue iguana was also adopted. We have been grooming our hands numb and well life has been moving along very fast.

We have seen a few of our crew a little but still

miss everyone like crazy. Yearning for the day someone else wants to clean poop and hang out!

Janine has a birthday and it was lovely. Although she never looks older, but is always wiser. I will say we have spent a lot of time together having poop cleaning parties daily. It’s not fun but it is at the same time.

Viola the Momma dog is safely in her new home and on the road to am lovely new life with wonderful people. Although she was not very appreciative the first day there when she took off and our crew stayed our until late in the evening trying to catch her and her wonderful new parents lured her into the house with cooked food and outdoor camp outs.

Yesterday she started her first treatment for heartworm and has quite the long road ahead of her. But it’s paved in gold hearts and full of love. She was clearly done with the puppies as they bit her to shreds. I am glad I am not a momma dog. Seven little toothed gremlins just latching on with puppy nails and teeth is not fun. Geeze watching it was not fun.

But we will get back to keeping you all in the loop. Some amazing people raised the money for her treatment.

Dean is doing very well. There is so much to tell. But not enough time tonight. We look forward to telling all again.

Thank you!

Make today wonderful!


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