It’s a small world after all

Several years ago, not sure how many. I got a call asking for help with a bird that was flying loose around Rhinebeck. There was a reward (which I did not care about) I called out sick from work and off I went with my friend Jill. I called out sick from work.

Between us there had to be at least 50 years experience rescuing birds. Birds inside, neglected etc. Bit this one was outside. The 3rd call in only 6 or 7 weeks.

He had been spotted talking to kids outside a daycare. It was soooo cold out and we kept wondering how this bird was still alive. We knew it was a scarlet macaw and his name is Mickey.

Off we go. we have a plan. Surround him and tire him out. It is one of the better ways as long as you can keep them in a specific area. He was in a corn field and we were told sleeping at night in a corn building.

Once we arrive we see him right away. We park at the daycare. He flies like a dream. However had been out about a week. Knowing this we decide to stay with the same plan.

There were a lot of people there. The reward was large but.... being the 3rd hopefully successful outdoor catch we do not want any money. In our minds if we take the money, we may not be successful if called again so we choose a rescue we love to get a donation if we can get him.

Mickey is talking and flying from a large tree to cornstalks and anywhere else he can land. Lots of people there and some had super soakers. But we yell and ask them to stop. If he is soaked and we don’t catch him he will definitely freeze to death tonight. So in our style we ask all to step back. (Maybe screamed at a few) we get him flying, Jill on one side of the field and myself on another. Corner to corner we get him going and don’t allow him to rest anywhere. We know we can deal with hydration and hunger once caught. This went on for several hours. He can soar and is really a good flyer with more energy then us old ladies. But we press on. After 4 hours, Jill scoots him from a tree and I catch him trying to land on a corn stalk.

I felt like I had run a marathon and he was scared . I literally got his legs in the air and grabbed him . He bit a few times and some nice man took his coat off so we could wrap him up and I could stop being bit. We were both scratched up as dry corn stalks hurt while running through them repeatedly all day

We got him in a carrier in my back seat and get him eating and drinking right away. But not too much. We do not want him getting sick and the car is still getting warm. We were also still getting warm. Although we were lucky and it was about 40 degrees that day.

We contact his family and bring him directly home. They will take him to the vet and we ask that the check be sent to the rescue we chose and go home. EXHAUSTED!!! But happy.

Yesterday we had a few birds come into Mtn Haven and one is Mickey. After transport by the wonderful Carrie and Tyler I see him in the crate. I remind him of the last time we hung out and tell him I promise he will be ok. He was nervous. But I get him into a cage and give food and water as always.

We move on to the next cage, inside is a sweet but afraid Blue and Gold Macaw. His name is Buddy. Buddy steps up and allows handling and a little snuggles. But happily goes into the cage we have waiting for him.

There’s another one who has been flirting from the cage though. Skittles. Skittle is a large Harlequin Macaw who has seen better days . He is very thin. His keel is very pronounced and he wants to play but does not have much strength. Barely enough to perch on my arm. So I bring him closer to my body for support hoping he is not going to bite me to bits. He doesn’t. He was just wanting some cuddles and preening so he gets some. I got him into the cage watching to make sure he can perch. He did and started eating a little.

He was living in a garage and the woman who sent these birds to us rescued him. Wanting them to get the best care she contacted us. Skittles needs to gain a lot of weight to be adopted. But we will work on it. Today they will get some much needed TLC and baths and love. A lot of food and hopefully begin the process of healing and trust.

We will begin the process of finding great homes and forever homes.

Many do not realize there is a need for rescuers who take exotics. When they think of rescue they think just dogs and cats. But in this small world sometimes our paths cross again. So welcome back Mickey, I will love you until your meant home comes along. To skittles and Buddy, welcome. We will make you healthy and show you love until the same happens for you.

Make your encounters with animals and people positive, you never know when your paths will cross again.


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