Iguanas and Tortoises and Snakes, oh my...

This week has been so hectic. Christmas morning Turbo and Dozer made the trip to sunny Florida and arrived safely. We are so happy for them, well who wouldn’t be? I mean personally I would like that.

The snakes have all gone as well. We only have one little guy left. We have someone interested in adopting him too. Yay!!

It made the morning insane, loading them all into their transport crates and getting food and heaters going.

I am glad that’s over!

Yesterday Agnes decided to make an appearance and run around the shop for a while. She was happy the tortoises left. They took up a lot of floor time she normally got. But it was a tad chilly so we put her hoody on. She proudly pranced around stylin.

We will be cleaning up and finding hay probably for several months.

This morning was the normal morning marathon, but today we have a fun event, potluck with alumni and friends at the shop. I am grateful for so many supporters and animal lovers in our community.

Make today amazingness!!


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