I am in love...birthdays and new intakes.

What a great weekend! My family showed up for a social distancing parking lot birthday party. It was actually pretty awesome. It was great to see my parents and sister and of course my girls. I love them all for trying so hard. Well and just because! Some friends also came which was such a blessing. My Mom even made goodie bags. It was great and made me feel so special.

All of the Bama pups arrived along with Viola the beautiful Mom. She was so afraid. We showed her and welcomed her just as we do every animal and she is soaking up the love. Last night she wandered the shop and took a break from her babies. We quietly watched her trying not to jump for joy. She has never worn a leash or collar clearly and is afraid to go for a walk outside so we put potty pads all around knowing she needed to go potty. She finally did and I know gross right, however we were so happy she went.

I have never dealt with such young babies and I love their little budda bellies and watching them start to move about.

She gave us a little scare when she first arrived so nervous and had clearly not eaten during transport. She had no milk and her babies were hungry. So our team showed up with a few calls to boost both her and her babies with some puppy milk and we bottle fed each pup and gave her some high protein food as well as milk for her. We got her up and moving although she did not want to. But she clearly understood and dealt with it all very well. By late evening she had milk for the next nursing. Even though we had.a plan in place to bottle feed at 1 am if needed.

The 5 older pups are gorgeous. Our approved adopters went crazy and it appears all pups and possibly mom are spoken for.

Momma is heartworm positive. Which is not contagious in any way. However the rescue we got her from offered to take her back for treatment. But we will not be sending her back for that. We will raise the funds somehow and get her treated with us. We will love her through it. It’s a hard treatment where we have to keep her calm and sedentary for about a month once the babies are weened.

We are in great need for sheets and blankets for her and the pups . So if you have any to donate we would greatly appreciate it. They can be dropped of at the boutique. They need changing several times a day.

She is so good about letting us handle her babies which is great as I can barely keep my hands off her and the pups. Their eyes are beginning to open and what a wonderful thing to see. Those little eyes opening and the babies looking at us and crawling to you for belly rubs.

Viola loves ostrich meat treats and will come to us for them. She is starting to love scratches behind her velvet ears and letting us wipe her down with baby wipes.

They all smell like a barn and transport but are not ready for the tub at this point. So we give them wipey baths and snuggles and leave daily smelling like hell. But it’s so worth it.

We also got in an adorable baby possum who’s momma was found dead. We are hoping to find some other babies.

The sugar glider Stich got a new cage and is very happy with the space and new toys.

We decorated the shop front with flowers for the spring and cleaned the shop. Although it too smells like a barn at this point. But it is what it is.

I got to wear an adorable Tiara for

my birthday. And some wonderful gifts including a Gucci Face mask and a much needed new wallet from Janine. She knows me!

I even got gifts from my niece and nephew pups at Janine’s. A gorgeous fur momma bracelet and necklace. My Dad made a beautiful poster and when I walked out from the back of the shop I was so surprised to find a parking lot full of friends and family. It’s hard not to hug everyone! But I guess this is our temporary reality. However I am so honored my family and friends made it work and surprised me.

Last night I was exhausted and passed out by 8:30. I did however have a great sleep. Today’s schedule is full of care for the babies and Momma and a new bed is coming for the back room where we occasionally sleep over to care for animals.

We also got in a fresh iguana. He is a male who was put in a bad situation and misunderstood but we will work with him and show him some love.

The African Greys surprised us with eggs. We are not sure if they are fertile. But in 24 days we will know. The other night I was sure someone was in the store but it turns out it was the Greys having quite the discussion normally had by people arguing. It was pretty funny as we searched for people in the store and then realized it was them. We laughed pretty hard.

The macaw is still available for adoption. He is sweet and wants nothing more then cuddles and to watch television on the play stand. We will find him a home for sure.

Friday evening we have a zoom with a wonderful author and friend Suzie Gilbert about her new book. Unflappable is hard to put down and so far an awesome read! You can RSVP for the zoom here on our website under the events column. I hope you can all join. We will be talking about the book and our crazy lives as rescuers and rehabbers.

It is now 5:50 am and I need to start getting ready to head in and get cleaning. Janine is meeting me we have to return the transport van we rented. As well as care for all of the puppets and other creatures. I’ll add several adorable pics from our crazy weekend.

Make today wonderful!



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