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Are you one of the many who believe in what we do, but you don’t know how or don't have the time to help? Well, you’re in luck! I’m going to tell you how you can help us RIGHT NOW.

On February 29th, we are holding a LEAP DAY TRICKY TRAY at the Marbletown Community Center, from 5:00 - 8:00 pm. This is a fun cross between a raffle and an auction (like a Penny Social), where attendees purchase sheets of tickets and choose from dozens of baskets and prizes to enter for.

Below are ways YOU CAN HELP make this a successful fundraiser:

Solicit from businesses that you frequent: Restaurants, stores, hairdresser, manicurist, massage therapist, music lessons, accountant, etc. and ask for their help with a gift certificate, item, service or monetary donation. Many businesses are more likely to donate to a frequent customer than to a random solicitation.

Donate a basket. Make a basket with a theme like “Day at the Beach”, “Kitchen Gadgets”, “Tea for Two”, “Spa Day”, “Kids Crafts”, “Pet Lovers”, “ScrapBooking”, “Movie Time”, “Date Night”, “Road Trip”, “Game Night” etc.

Donate an individual item or items. When you are out and about, pick up items to donate. It can be one individual prize or several smaller items for us to put into a basket. Unused Gifts: Did you get one too many gift cards? Tickets you can’t use? A free gift with purchase that just isn’t for you? WE WILL TAKE IT! Gift Cards: When visiting your salon, your nail place, your favorite restaurant, Dunkin Donuts, Stewarts, Adams, etc., pick up a gift card—ANY AMOUNT. Smaller ones can be combined with other items.

Lottery Scratch-Offs. The next time you’re at the checkout, consider buying a couple of scratch-offs. These will be collected and put together into one large prize.

Services. Are you a pet sitter or a tutor? Do you give music lessons? Do you repair things? Do you clean houses? Donate a Gift Certificate for your services.

Baskets, Baskets, Baskets! We are in need of empty baskets, so if you have some extra baskets laying around, we could use them.

Cash. Mountain Haven is ALWAYS happy to accept monetary donations.

Attend the event and buy tickets to win some fanastic prizes!

Donations can be mailed or dropped off at LCM Pet Boutique, 3056 Rte 213 E Stone Ridge, NY 12484. If you have questions or would like to arrange for pick-up, contact me at


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